When it comes to business, ERP software solutions is the perfect choice as it provides your business with comprehensive business management software that authorizes you to avail the process of integrated applications to administer and robotize the business as well as back office functions as regards to technologies.

The main objective of Enterprise Resource Planning solution is to provide all the information that is accepted by different ERP aspects to enhance the progress of data across the organization. ERP is a system of using computer machinery to combine different functions such as accounting, inventory control and human resources of any company altogether. It combines all data and processes of any business organization into a composite structure.

The distinct factor of most ERP systems is the application of a strong database to store data for the diverse system elements. Undoubtedly, a software package that provides both, payroll as well as accounting jobs can be termed as an ERP software package. The ERP system assimilates various organizational structures and assists in easing the transactions and production in order to boost and increase the performance of the organization.

ERP can lead all the units of the ecosystem – vendors, alliance partners, customers and support functions. Incorporating different systems will certainly improve the performance as it is very beneficial for an organization to progress for the flexible future needs.

To sum up, ERP software is a system that combines, organizes and maintains the data essential for operations used by the organization.




E-commerce website development comprises of web, mobile commerce, social commerce as well as delivery app.  E-commerce website signifies maximum user comfort, efficient information delivery, effective brand building and cast-iron reliability as well as the smooth and consistent shopping experience and most importantly, the customized business success. It has in fact, become a requirement rather than a method to drive greater traffic.

E-commerce is an excellent way for the retailers to develop and enhance their revenue and publicize their brand. It is the only website that presents its own particular challenges. E-commerce website develops as well as propagates and expands the business while promoting and advertising the brand. These sites are designed to improve and embellish user experience and accomplish up-sell opportunities.

E-commerce is an effective platform for your business to make it more productive as well as profitable. E-commerce website supports with everything to start online business. It is one of the most convenient and profitable ways of running a business. E-commerce web design services can be purchased from e-commerce web design and development companies.

To sum up, e-commerce website paves a way to success in online trading and should be eye-catching and attractive to grab the eye balls of the visitors as a booming e-commerce website is the foundation of online business.  Last but not the least; it sells things while you are asleep.



ERP for SMEs, in the wake of their organizational growth trajectory, becomes a churning dream to come true. Albeit, they withhold it in long waiting of right time, with presumed constraints of budgets, change management and challenges alike, hitherto.

At Bugfree Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we “gain through pain” of efforts in this niche industry segment, from awareness creation to value proposition. It encompasses the balanced mix of custom versus tailor-made strategic solutions and services. With motivating cues and reinforcing responses, SME customers’ wants are realized as needs. How? Below depiction is self-explanatory!

We offer Idiosyncratic Solutions in form of ERP for SMEs with miniscule project schedules, de facto Ready-to-Deploy software, across fresh implementation, upgrade, roll-out, support etc. variants. Our account mining vied health-check, audit, training and CSV help SME customers dive deep into their existing systems and percolate their vision to get along and identify themselves with latest global technological trends. Key challenges are transformed into promising opportunities. Sustainable ERP solutions lead them institutionalize the industry best practices. Our System Integration team also envisages the future roadmap for the SME customers’ progressive database architecture with sustainable futuristic scalability. Today’s small is tomorrow’s BIG. Kudos ERP for SMEs…




Perhaps, if you want your business to expand, web development is one of the major and crucial spotlight. Web development tool provides the company with a platform to reach out and expose its business to millions of its web surfers globally. A web development company also enhances business opportunity as it can represent itself on its own terms and can efficiently market its services or products that it has to offer. Furthermore, a website will boom your business and make it more reliable if it is represented in a professional manner. Developing a well –designed and professional looking website provides you a base to build your clientele.

A website development can incorporate anything from simply programming the data of a website to adding client liaison, content, network security, and web server configuration, e-commerce development and much more like creating the simplest, plain text to the most difficult web –based applications, social network services and electronic business.

In this world of internet, website development has become an indispensable part of every business person. In order to boost up your business, your voice needs to be heard, your product needs to be seen and your goals to be reached, and, therefore, website development is an avenue for these things to happen.

To sum up, web development is a window to the business as it provides your customers a taste of what you really want to offer enticing them to hunt for more and more. The content should perfectly portray your services and attract the visitors to keep them engaged.