ERP for SMEs, in the wake of their organizational growth trajectory, becomes a churning dream to come true. Albeit, they withhold it in long waiting of right time, with presumed constraints of budgets, change management and challenges alike, hitherto.

At Bugfree Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we “gain through pain” of efforts in this niche industry segment, from awareness creation to value proposition. It encompasses the balanced mix of custom versus tailor-made strategic solutions and services. With motivating cues and reinforcing responses, SME customers’ wants are realized as needs. How? Below depiction is self-explanatory!

We offer Idiosyncratic Solutions in form of ERP for SMEs with miniscule project schedules, de facto Ready-to-Deploy software, across fresh implementation, upgrade, roll-out, support etc. variants. Our account mining vied health-check, audit, training and CSV help SME customers dive deep into their existing systems and percolate their vision to get along and identify themselves with latest global technological trends. Key challenges are transformed into promising opportunities. Sustainable ERP solutions lead them institutionalize the industry best practices. Our System Integration team also envisages the future roadmap for the SME customers’ progressive database architecture with sustainable futuristic scalability. Today’s small is tomorrow’s BIG. Kudos ERP for SMEs…



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