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The Industrial Internet of Things (ioT) is well described as machines, computers as well as people enabling intelligent industrial operations, and a network of intelligent computers, devices and objects that collect and share a huge amount of data which is sent to a Central Cloud based service and summed up with the other data to be shared with the end users. The IIoT also boosts up automation in homes, school, and stores as well as in the industries.

Basically, the Industrial ioT it has been broadcasted as a means to improve operational efficiency. In the recent times, the companies can be benefitted by discerning it as a tool for finding growth in unexpected opportunities. IIoT is also used by the companies to capture new growth through the three criteria as- increasing revenues by boosting production and creating new hybrid business models, exploiting intelligent technologies to fuel innovation as well as transforming their workforce.

The Industrial ioT improves connectivity, efficiency, scalability, time savings as well as cost savings for industrial organizations. The companies are benefitted from IIoT through cost savings due to predictive maintenance, improved safety and other operational efficiencies. Its intelligent network devices authorize industrial organizations to break open the data silos and connect data and processes from the factory floor to the executive offices. It is also beneficial for the business leaders to get a full and accurate view about their business functions.

Ultimately, those businesses that have included Industrial IoT have made remarkable improvements to safety, efficiency as well as profitability.



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The team of Software Companies in Gandhinagar discover and find out creative ideas and assists in obtaining the business goals. They conceptualize with your team to understand your requirements and also help the clients in increasing their revenues.

The Software Companies in Gandhinagar also believes that a well executed design for websites and mobile is the way to great business. Their attempt is to deliver incredible work to modify and transform your dreams into reality. The companies can be banked upon for their outstanding and top-notch services.

Working meticulously with the clients for getting the exceptional solutions is one of its salient features. The companies with all its efforts try to aid in developing an extraordinary knowledge for the end users. The companies also supply end products to its clients. Day to day communication with the clients ensures smooth delivery of the projects. The companies surpass all the expectations of the clients to satisfy them.

The Software Companies in Gandhinagar are the suppliers of intellectual solutions. The companies provide architects to deliver outstanding website, software as well as mobile app services to its clients and focuses on delivering real measurable results for the growth of your business. The most effective solution related to web and mobile are provided by these companies.

After all, The Software Companies in Gandhinagar work considerably hard in delivering customer-focused solutions that helps to succeed in today’s competitive market by examining all the aspects of the needs of the clients and producing the best solutions that are spontaneous and impulsive.


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An appropriate product development company can initiate leads and enhance your business by new and creative ideas. Due to the new and exciting products, most businesses are looking forward to investing more efforts into creating new products to offer more value to the consumers.

Although, product development is not an easy task, as it demands for the mutual effort from various fields of human expertise so that the product created would not only be useful to the targeted consumers, but also interests and attracts to their tastes and preferences. However, if your business requires the experience or the expertise to conduct extensive new product development, the services of an experienced product development company could be procured to assist at all times of the development cycle.

The product development companies not only offer a complete solution for your product, but also help in assisting to convert the ideas into reality. There are various steps involved in determining the technical specifications of your product, design, validation, prototyping, regulatory compliance, testing etc., as well as there are various sectors of product development companies that specialize in medical device development, industrial equipment as well as connected devices development, creating a record of delivering consistent.

New product development is the term used for denoting the complete process of bringing new product to the market in business and engineering which is a set of benefits offered for exchange that could be concrete or abstract.

To conclude, product development is a process that involves various phases such as product development strategies, quality control and product manufacturing as well.


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E-commerce website which influenced the development of offline business, has established itself in each and every aspect of the business world as, either you run a departmental store or an airplane business, e-commerce website development helps customers to place orders and buy stuff abruptly.

E-commerce website helps market products to expand and explore the business globally as the products can reach the global markets without incurring any considerable cost. An e-commerce website is developed and designed with the help of creative designers.

E-commerce website development is essential for any online business as it will create more traffic to your site. It provides end-to-end solutions that incorporate UX designs to customized extensions and modules that have an extra effect on your e-commerce website.

E-commerce makes you stand ahead of competition and improve the sales graph by changing the existing feature as well as by making the shopping process simpler and easier. It provides tailor made solutions as well as security against breaches and security threats which are considered to be the worst nightmares for any e-commerce store.

An e-commerce website requires minimal capital expenditure as compared to purchase at business premises. The difficulty of high visibility and the location with physical business premises can be acquired with e-commerce website.

To conclude, e-commerce website has the potential of reaching to more customers by way of having search engine visibility as well as social media integration. By way of e-commerce website development, the products can be recorded and viewed as also the pages that are visited and the items bought by the customers as well.


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The App Development Companies consider in harmonizing with the latest mobile technology by way of engagement and system integration to create and develop business value apart from some of the phases of business.

The Mobile app development companies assists in guiding you about the mobile possibilities for the solutions and explains about how a mobile app fits into your business model to carry out the required performance.

With its outstanding and customized services, the mobile app development companies ensure to make your mobile app a “success”. The companies help in facilitating all types of apps for different platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. The companies, with its band of extremely talented programmers, designers, testers as well as team leaders ensure you about the optimum success.

The focus of the app development company is solely to extend the business through their powerful solution. Some of the app development companies also focus on the newest generation technology platforms with its widespread services across the globe with their efficient and skilled app and web developers, UX engineers, designers, enterprise analysts, quality support specialists as well as project management experts.

However, developing an app is a long and a complicated process and hence, in order to make simple, it has to be characterized when opting for a company or an app developer such as – the location, the working area, tech/platform focus, process, user/enterprise as well as outsource and white- label.

In short, the process of developing a mobile app is technical and depends upon how smartly you opt for it as per your requirement.


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As Mobile Apps have brought about a radical difference in the technical world, people are being connected with one another through this device called “mobile phones”. In order to establish an android app it becomes very important to make a business successful, and hence, there is a need for mobile app development company.

Mobile App Development Companies with its highly skilled and efficient professionals have the expertise in developing custom mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry as well as in developing mission critical, data and performance centric apps using cloud web services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), NFC, Rackspace, azure, dropbox and CDNs i.e. Content Delivery Networks as well.

Focusing on the client’s requirements as well as its objectives is the prime concern of the mobile app development company. There are various apps for which there are different mobile app Development Companies that include services such as – App UI/UX designs, Responsive Web design, Mobile App Testing, App Remodeling as well as various classification of apps such as – iPad App Development, Windows App Development, Native App Development, iPhone App Development, Blackberry App Development, Facebook App Development, and PhoneGap App Development.

Mobile App Development companies also provide solutions for various devices as well as operating systems. Mobile Application Developers can design and broadcast their applications on various mobile stores where they get a revenue share on their app selling price.

Thus, the sole purpose of the mobile app development companies is to create state-of-the art Android apps and enterprise wide android applications by combining skills with zeal and zest.



In today’s competitive world of business, to increase exceptional and outstanding revenue, and at the same time reducing operational costs as well as managerial expenses is the imagination or the expectation of every business, whether big or small. In order to achieve these goals, solid technology solutions seem to be the basis for the same. Thus, for solving this confusion, the ERP for small business solution is aimed at increasing and expanding the business to tackle the problem of such businesses practiced during the period.

Moreover, the modules of small business ERP are basically aimed at meeting with the requirements of product-based businesses – wholesale, retail, e-commerce, distribution, resellers and related businesses are a few types of business classification.

ERP for small business is beneficial in many aspects such as –

It is affordable and aims at increasing business prospectus without any expensive solutions and risky software integration projects.

The amalgamation of dedicated database with the modern technologies to secure communications, storage and role based security built into the system guarantees a highly secure computing, access and data transfer environment for the business information.

The business can be extended or operated from anywhere only with the help of internet connection and a web browser to gather the current position of your business.

No apprehension about data protection and backup or hard disk crashes or computer failures.

No software patches or upgrades as well as software installation problem.

Thus, in a nutshell, companies that do not have an ERP system, face problems in customizing their current software to improve their business process.



When it comes to business, ERP software solutions is the perfect choice as it provides your business with comprehensive business management software that authorizes you to avail the process of integrated applications to administer and robotize the business as well as back office functions as regards to technologies.

The main objective of Enterprise Resource Planning solution is to provide all the information that is accepted by different ERP aspects to enhance the progress of data across the organization. ERP is a system of using computer machinery to combine different functions such as accounting, inventory control and human resources of any company altogether. It combines all data and processes of any business organization into a composite structure.

The distinct factor of most ERP systems is the application of a strong database to store data for the diverse system elements. Undoubtedly, a software package that provides both, payroll as well as accounting jobs can be termed as an ERP software package. The ERP system assimilates various organizational structures and assists in easing the transactions and production in order to boost and increase the performance of the organization.

ERP can lead all the units of the ecosystem – vendors, alliance partners, customers and support functions. Incorporating different systems will certainly improve the performance as it is very beneficial for an organization to progress for the flexible future needs.

To sum up, ERP software is a system that combines, organizes and maintains the data essential for operations used by the organization.



E-commerce website development comprises of web, mobile commerce, social commerce as well as delivery app.  E-commerce website signifies maximum user comfort, efficient information delivery, effective brand building and cast-iron reliability as well as the smooth and consistent shopping experience and most importantly, the customized business success. It has in fact, become a requirement rather than a method to drive greater traffic.

E-commerce is an excellent way for the retailers to develop and enhance their revenue and publicize their brand. It is the only website that presents its own particular challenges. E-commerce website develops as well as propagates and expands the business while promoting and advertising the brand. These sites are designed to improve and embellish user experience and accomplish up-sell opportunities.

E-commerce is an effective platform for your business to make it more productive as well as profitable. E-commerce website supports with everything to start online business. It is one of the most convenient and profitable ways of running a business. E-commerce web design services can be purchased from e-commerce web design and development companies.

To sum up, e-commerce website paves a way to success in online trading and should be eye-catching and attractive to grab the eye balls of the visitors as a booming e-commerce website is the foundation of online business.  Last but not the least; it sells things while you are asleep.



ERP for SMEs, in the wake of their organizational growth trajectory, becomes a churning dream to come true. Albeit, they withhold it in long waiting of right time, with presumed constraints of budgets, change management and challenges alike, hitherto.

At Bugfree Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we “gain through pain” of efforts in this niche industry segment, from awareness creation to value proposition. It encompasses the balanced mix of custom versus tailor-made strategic solutions and services. With motivating cues and reinforcing responses, SME customers’ wants are realized as needs. How? Below depiction is self-explanatory!

We offer Idiosyncratic Solutions in form of ERP for SMEs with miniscule project schedules, de facto Ready-to-Deploy software, across fresh implementation, upgrade, roll-out, support etc. variants. Our account mining vied health-check, audit, training and CSV help SME customers dive deep into their existing systems and percolate their vision to get along and identify themselves with latest global technological trends. Key challenges are transformed into promising opportunities. Sustainable ERP solutions lead them institutionalize the industry best practices. Our System Integration team also envisages the future roadmap for the SME customers’ progressive database architecture with sustainable futuristic scalability. Today’s small is tomorrow’s BIG. Kudos ERP for SMEs…