Ind 6 june

The Industrial Internet of Things describes the unceasing network of physical objects that promote an IP address for internet connectivity as well as the communication that happens between the objects and the other internet-enabled devices and systems. But, in the world of manufacturing, it (IIoT) is a logical extension of automation and connectivity that has been referred to as part of the plant environment for decades, basically in the area termed as Machine to Machine (M2M) communication.

The industrial IoT covers several use cases, industries and applications. Aiming on the development of operational efficiency and rationalization, automation, maintenance and a primary role for the convergence of IT as well as OT, the Industrial Internet of Things unfolds plenty of opportunities in proceeding towards an on- demand service model, new method of servicing customers as well as the creation of new revenue models.

In order to be successful, operating companies ought to develop a flexible IIoT framework to enable secure collaboration across sites and disciplines, change work processes so as to improve information sharing and cooperation between function teams and leverage external expertise and educate vendors to complement internal resources.

The Industrial Internet of Things has made connecting heterogeneous systems and machines simpler and easier as well as has made processing the ever increasing volume of data from machines possible. The IIoT platforms serve as a single repository for machine data generated across all plants.

To sum up, the Industrial Internet of Things shall be used by the successful companies to capture new growth by –boosting revenues for increasing production and creating new hybrid business models, by exploiting intelligent technologies to fuel innovation for transforming their workforce.


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